Needle Lace Butterfly

Needle Lace Summer School North Wales

I started this butterfly at The Lace Guild Summer School in August – Wonderful week improving my Needlelace skills with Pat Gibson.  Finished at about 7.45am  this morning.  I was thinking of making it into a necklace but it will need a lot more stiffening to support the quite heavy pendant.

Edinburgh Summer School

Mainly Lace will be in Edinburgh for the week starting 25th July to 30th July.  We can sill take your orders but they will not be processed till the following week.  We hope this does not cause too much inconvenience, you will still be able to phone with any queries as messages will be transferred. […]


7 Steps To Move Your Bobbin Lace

We’ve all done it,  started a large bobbin lace pattern on a small pillow. We know it’s not going to work, but all of our other pillows are being used.  So we do it anyway thinking it will be O.K. Do not panic! Have a cup/glass of your favourite beverage. You can rectify the situation. […]