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Mainly Lace – Bobbin Lace Supplies

Mainly Lace was set up in 1990 in response to high demand for bobbin lace making supplies in Essex.  Whilst attending exhibitions and craft fairs, displaying and selling our bobbin lace, we were continually asked for lace making supplies.  To start with we had just a few reels of threads and some bobbins to sell and the ladies we were teaching as our first customers.

From our first lace day, where we had just one table, we slowly grew to be one of the largest bobbin lace suppliers in the country.

Now when we attend events we have at least six tables full of supplies ranging from bobbins to books, patterns to pillows and a great supply of thread.

Lace Maker, Teacher, Designer

Pat Hoath - Mainly LacePat Hoath started lace making in 1975 with Alexandra Stillwell, and rapidly became addicted.  In the early 1980’s she was asked by a few friends if a bobbin lace making class could be started.  This became two classes when some members of the local Girls Brigade asked if they could learn to make lace for some of their badge work.

The bobbin lace teaching continued until the mid 1980s when it stopped when Pat was offered a job she couldn’t refuse.  Pat worked very happily in a bookshop until 1990 when Mainly Lace was set up.  From then on, the lace making business became a full time occupation.

Lace Maker, Teacher, Designer

Barbara Brooks - Mainly LaceBarbara Brooks started lace making in 1985 whilst still working as a Police Officer.  After a few years she began teaching a small class of children at her son’s junior school.   Mainly Lace was started in the early 1990s.  Barbara began teaching at the shop shortly after.

Barbara completed the City and Guilds Diploma and became an Outside Verifyer for the “Guild” .  She continued with this until most of the centres stopped the lace making course.   It was then that Mainly Lace set up as an independent centre for bobbin lace courses.