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Bobbin Lace on Pinerest

Have you found Pinterest yet?  If you haven’t, it is like having an online cork-board, covered with ideas and images that you will want to use someday, that you can share with friends and strangers who have common interests.

We are fairly new to it, but have already found lots of bobbin lace sites and ideas. We would like to link to any other Pinterest Lace makers and their boards.  If you already have a Pinterest Account, you can find us by logging in and searching for MainlyLaceUK or clicking this link.

Pinning from Mainly Lace

Bobbin Lace on Pinterest

Most of the pages on our website have the Pinterest button on them so you can “Pin” a link into your own boards and share your finds with your pinning friends and followers.

One of the most exciting things about Pinterest is that we can look at bobbin lace patters, images and design ideas collected by lace makers and other crafty people from all over the world. It is probably safe to say that some of these will feature in future posts and projects on this website too!


WARNING: Pinterest can seriously decrease your time for making bobbin lace !!