7 Steps To Move Your Bobbin Lace

We’ve all done it,  started a large bobbin lace pattern on a small pillow. We know it’s not going to work, but all of our other pillows are being used.  So we do it anyway thinking it will be O.K.

Do not panic! Have a cup/glass of your favourite beverage.

You can rectify the situation.

First finish the lace you have on a larger pillow, it shouldn’t take long, right? Then find as many cover cloths and long divider pins as you can.


So what can we do about it?

1.  Recognise that your pillow is too small for the pattern then make sure the new pillow is ready for transfer.
7 Steps to move your bobbin lace

2.  Wrap all the bobbins in cover cloths and pin securely to pillow then take ALL of the pins out of the lace and those securing the pattern.  DO NOT REMOVE PINS SECURING THE BOBBIN BUNDLE
7 Steps to move your bobbin lace

3.  Swap the pattern over to the new pillow. Now you can very carefully remove securing pins and slide the  lace into place on the new pillow, supporting the bundles at all times [this is where a good friend would come in handy] and re-pin them. (if you let a bundle drop it will pull the lace and completely ruin it).
7 Steps to move your bobbin lace

4.  Re-position the lace onto the pattern so the pinholes in the lace line up with the pinholes in the pattern.
7 Steps to move your bobbin lace

5.  Re-pin the edges first as these holes are the easiest to line up.
7 Steps to move your bobbin lace

6.  Re-pin lace making sure you have pinned anything in half stitch completely, cloth
stitch is more robust and will not pull out of shape so easily.
7 Steps to move your bobbin lace

7.  Very carefully un-wrap the bundles, straighten threads and pin into any holes
missed.  You may find you will have to undo a few stitches at the end to tidy the last few rows.
7 Steps to move your bobbin lace

This takes time and patience, but is usually very successful. 

See, told you not to panic.