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Tips, tricks and lace making know how picked up by the team at Mainly Lace over the years.


7 Steps To Move Your Bobbin Lace

We’ve all done it,  started a large bobbin lace pattern on a small pillow. We know it’s not going to work, but all of our other pillows are being used.  So we do it anyway thinking it will be O.K. Do not panic! Have a cup/glass of your favourite beverage. You can rectify the situation. […]

Mainly Lace on Pinerest

Bobbin Lace on Pinterest

 Show us your “Pins” Have you found Pinterest yet?  If you haven’t, it is like having an online cork-board, covered with ideas and images that you will want to use someday, that you can share with friends and strangers who have common interests. We are fairly new to it, but have already found lots of […]

Mainly Lace Bobbin Supplies

New Website

So, you can’t help to have noticed that we have a new website! We decided to upgrade the website about a year ago and since then we have been planning, designing and building the new shop.  Our main priority was to make an on-line shop that was easy to use and quick to load.  The […]