Product Description

Doreen Handkerchief is worked in Torchon Lace and uses Cloth stitch Chevrons, Spiders and Torchon Ground to give an open delicate look.  Worked in a fine thread e.g. Fil Aux Chinoise 60 or 80 and needs 33 pairs bobbins plus 1 pair for the gimp around the central spider.

Doreen Handkerchief is worked in Torchon Lace.   This design has a delicate open look because of the use of Torchon Ground and Spiders.  Although it does have Cloth Stitch Chevrons they do not make the lace look too heavy.  The inner edge has a Fan on each side which gives the lace a more unusual appearance.  It uses 33 pairs of bobbins plus 1 extra pair for the gimp outline round the central spider on each side.  A good knowledge of Torchon Lace is essential for this pattern.

The pack contains a picture of the finished handkerchief, a page which gives suggested threads and bobbins needed, a page with a diagram of where to start with number of bobbins.  2 copies of pricking.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 22 × 0.1 cm