Product Description

3 Bells:  Bell 1 – Torchon Lace with Honeycombe and Rose Ground filling.

Bell 2 – Torchon Lace with Gimped motif in Torchon Ground filling

Bell 3 – Bedfordshire filling including Leaf Tallies, Plaits and Picots

All 3 Bells have a cloth stitch braid outer edge.

The 3 Bells: Bell 1 is worked in Torchon Lace.  Outer braid is cloth stitch with added metallic passives (optional) and a footside. The filling includes Honeycome and Rose Grond.

Bell 2 is also Torchon Lace. Outer braid as Bell 1.  Filling includes motif with gimp threads, Spider and Torchon Ground.

Bell 3 filling is worked inBedfordshire lace including Leaf Tallies, Plaits ad Picots.

Pack includes all 3 prickings with attached photographs, Number of Bobbins, suggested threads and stitches used.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 22 × 0.1 cm