Product Description

A fairly simple Bobbin Lace Braid design using a medium thickness thread and up to 12 pairs bobbins. A knowledge of Bobbin Lace joining techniques required. e.g. ‘Sewings’ using a hook or lazy suzy.

A fairly simple Braid Bobbin Lace Flower with leaves and Torchon Ground filling in the petals.  Using a medium thickness thread e.g. DMC Dentelle 80.   6 pairs of bobbins for the braid and up to 12 pairs for the fillings were used.  A knowledge of ‘Sewings’  using a crochet hook or lazy suszy will be required to join the leaves, petals and fillings.  Suggested threads: Madeira Cotona 30, Anchor Lace 30, Fil aux Chinois 40/2 or 60/2 Linen.

Pack contains picture of finished item. Sheet with a few working instructions, stitches used, equipment needed, suggested threads. A copy of the pricking.

Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 30 × 21 × 0.10 cm