Beginners Lace Making Kit


Product Description

Beginners lace making kit contains: Starter book, lace pillow, bobbins, thread, pin cushion, pricking card, accessories and your first bobbin lace pattern.

Our beginners lace making kit contains:

instructions in a book written and illustrated by us and called “It’s not Tatting” (A beginner’s Guide to Lacemaking).

The kit has:

  • a 45cm diameter vacuum formed polystyrene domed pillow, fitted with a blue draw-string cover and a matching square cover cloth;
  • Stainless Steel pins suitable for Lace Making
  • a bran-filled pin cushion;
  • a Pricker and pricking card;
  • a divider pin and some berry pins;
  • 12 pairs of Midland style bobbins;
  • a selection of glass beads;
  • spangling wire;
  • and a ball of 50 or 60 Cordonnet cotton thread.

(Students can purchase a pricking board, a fine crochet hook and all sorts of helpful tools later.)

We also include a sleeve to keep your first bookmark clean

The Lace Guild said of our beginners lace making kit  ” A patient beginner could  get started without a teacher as the pamphlet is very user-friendly.

Hundreds of satisfied customers since then agree.

Additional information

Weight 1.425 kg
Dimensions 46 × 46 × 15 cm